Two guys that love Shadowrun.

Inspired writers who have more content than CGL can post in a year. We just need the time and support to put it forward to the larger fan base. Of course, we would also like to earn the money we can for it.

Early on

Adam Large has been a contributing writer to the Shadowrun game universe beginning with Vice in Fourth Edition and continuing steadily ever since.

J. Keith Henry has been a contributing writer to the same game universe since Matrix and Target: Matrix in Third Edition while proofreading and playtesting sporadically.


Today, we are both working toward self-publishing what is not an unsubstantial quantity of game inspired work. Both of us create content for Shadowrun Sixth World, the sixth edition, though Adam has created content on Holostreets for Fifth Edition with his Popular Cybernetics. Keith’s first submission to Holostreets was Exotics.